User Group Meeting

WARUG EVENT – 8th July 2015

5PM to 7PM at Central Institute of Technology (Perth Campus) Level 3, 30 Aberdeen Street, Perth

This month we have another of our popular panel discussions followed by a LAB session! These are held every second month – remember, the seats at the computers for the Lab Sessions are limited so hurry and book yours now!

If you miss out on a computer you can still attend both the panel discussion and the lab – please book a general ticket instead so we can be sure of numbers.

Follow link for Event Ticket

Panel Discussion

Interoperability, Collaboration and Deliverables throughout the life-cycle of the Project

Moderator: Dan Morrison Projects are not delivered by one person or team in isolation. For a successful and efficient project all team members, all stakeholders must work together and have access to the most up to date information they require to complete their tasks. But how does a project achieve this? How do you convey the information in the model to team members who do not use Revit? What is the best way to ensure the design information is correctly captured in the Revit model? What about Costing? Procurement?  Scheduling? Change management? Validation? These are all areas that have caused problems on multidisciplinary projects in the past, and our panel is here to discuss possible solutions for the future.

Panelists: Jane Redford (Gresleyabas Architects)
Jeremy Lim (RSA)
Rishi Jobanputra (ARUP)
Shane Brown (PDC)
Erika Voges (W&G)


Revit to IFC Dan Morrison and Chris Theis

IFC, or Industry foundation Class, is Open Source BIM. This is now a requirement on most state government projects and even on private projects as well. IFC is also a method of ensuring the correct information is being shared across platforms when using different model authoring software. This lab session will give you the basics, as well as some more advanced tips, on how to get a valid IFC out of Revit – avoiding the common pitfalls along the way. We will also take a look at BCF’s and how they can greatly improve communication and collaboration on your project.

Discussion and Networking

WARUG events give you an opportunity to socialize and network with professionals involved in your industry

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