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21/09/16 WARUG September Event – SUPPLIER CONTENT CREATIONS!    5:00pm to 7:30pm

The event will start with three presentations from Architectural and MEP suppliers / manufacturers. They will be explaining and demonstrating how they have used Revit to develop families and add-ins for their products for the use of the AEC industry.

This will be followed by a panel of Revit family creation experts chaired by Meg Chute. Topics of discussion will include:

  • What should suppliers and manufacturers include in their content?
  • What level of detail and file size is acceptable?
  • What do the users really want from the content?
  • Where can content be “built” and to what national standards?

Join us after for some networking, drinks and nibbles and an opportunity to view some participating manufacturer’s products and BIM content in a mini expo.

Make sure you stay until the awesome door prize is drawn! – you won’t want to miss this one…

Revit Users:  It’s time for the AEC BIM community to get behind suppliers and manufacturers and give them feedback on what you want.  Don’t miss this rare opportunity to connect and have your say.

Manufacturer’s and Suppliers:  Have you only just started thinking about creating BIM content? Or do you have some experiences to share with the group.  Connect with the ones who specify your products and build your contacts.

Location: Greenskills Building North Metropolitan TAFE – 140 Royal St. East Perth. Please note this is not our regular venue.



Coming Up Later

14/10/16 WARUG October Event – Revit on Large Projects

Details to follow. Check back later.  This will be the last WARUG event of the year and we’re already planning for a BIG finish!



We are always interested in your ideas for future events or feedback on ones past.  Drop us an email. info@warug.net


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